What Happens When You Miss the Cave at Ulu Watu?


I was fucked. The sun was gone, and the current kept dragging me around the large rocks next to the cliff. I don’t panic easily, but I knew I wasn’t in a good spot and I had to do something or I would be coming back to the United States in a bodybag. That’s if they even… Read more »

In Memorium of David Foltz


It was a precocious little 4 year old girl that introduced me to David Foltz. Sandora (it’s French, pronounced Shandorah), would wander into MPA Architecture, the architecture office I worked for at the time, and sit down next to me and start drawing, coloring and humming an imaginary tune, while I worked on the latest building… Read more »

Why I Wrote the Snow Frogs Movie


  Let’s start with, “What the f**k is a Snow Frog?” Well, they don’t really exist. Snow Frogs was an idea I came up with one day while driving up the mountains into Ruidoso, New Mexico. I had just decided to leave my then wife, and felt that a trip out to see my mom… Read more »

The Banman Clan


What are Sundays like for Jeff, Morgan, and Jeff’s girls Kate & Alex? Well, I got to find out recently. We planned one of my Family Photojournalism photography session to get a slice of life and document their life together. It started at Jeff and Morgan’s beautiful little home in Linda Vista with Morgan getting… Read more »

WPPI – Annual Vegas Shoot 2013


I just got back from my third year in a row at WPPI, (the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). Each year a bunch of  photographers get together and congregate in Sin City to attempt to learn things. Mostly what happens is it turns into partying and a little bit of photography happens, and if we can… Read more »

Kariem & Natalie’s Mission Bay Wedding


Kariem and I went to high school together. He was quite the awesome guy. He told me he was getting married just a couple days after I decided to start shooting weddings again. A sign if anything. Kariem and Natalie together are quite possibly the best expression of love out there. I loved watching and… Read more »

Mark & Andrea’s Wedding at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills


About 3 years ago, I retired from wedding photography and began focusing on Flaunt Your Site my web development company for other photographers. I was so focused on creating websites for other photographers I had totally forgot how much I missed the excitement, thrill and pure love I have for shooting weddings. I had been talking… Read more »

Morgan Kellie Environmental Portraits | Otay Lake


Last year I promised I would take photos of Morgan Kellie, a firecracker of a cowgirl, for her birthday. A year later, we finally got to do that. We headed out to Otay Lake to take care of the incredible tall grass, and great views of the surrounding mountains. Behold the beauty of Morgan Kellie!

Kariem & Natalie’s Engagement Session in Coronado & Otay Lake


It was around 92-93 when I met this half black/half Puerto Rican cat named Kariem. He transfered to Mar Vista High from outer space and intrigued me with his big brain and his knack for making guitars bleed. I knew this guy was going to be up to something in life, whatever that meant. Cut… Read more »

Scorpion Bay Surf Trip


Patagonia founder, Damn buster, and mountaineer, Yvon Chounard talks about adventure, not as just a trip or journey but as being something that happens when everything goes wrong on the journey. 14 years ago, I took a life changing trip deep into the Mexican Baja desert for a surf trip, that easily qualifies as Adventure in… Read more »