Yearly Archives: 2011

20 Years Ago

With both my favorite bands every Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews Band celebrating their twenty year anniversaries, it recently dawned on my thick skull that I too am experiencing a twenty year mark of my own, two actually. No… nothing as noble as sobriety, I happily drink like a fish. Nor abstaining from red meat,… Read more »

Tamara’s Fine Art Portraits


In our last portrait session at Torrey Pines, Tamara and I had planned on shooting film also for some close up nude and semi-nude fine art portrait photography. We ended up having to reschedule for another day unfortunately. We did the reshoot in La Jolla where I know of a little cove that provides some… Read more »

Gloria and Her Music Box

While I was photographing Tamara in the Windansea area of La Jolla (photos to come), we stopped at a house with a beautiful old door and lovely clay tube brick archways for a photo op. Gloria, the owner of the house came out to speak to us, and we were promptly invited into her house… Read more »

Tamara’s Beach Portrait Session at Torrey Pines

I was very fortunate to have recently photographed one of the most altruistic and enthusiastic people in the world. Tamarra Orras is a combination of Mother Theresa and Holly Golightly. Her current project is with Gonna Go To Ghana, providing a computer lab for the village of Tongo. Truly a good heart. And I think… Read more »

Not Your Typical Sunset

Just to mix things up, I’ve been shooting in low-light situations at the end of the day trying to capture more of a mood than subject matter. These are not your typical sunsets. They’re broody and dark and more thoughtful.┬áTo me they evoke a lot of the emotions I get when I look at a… Read more »

A Very Special Award of Merit

What a special night! I received an Award of Merit at last night’s Professional Photographer’s of San Diego County. To top it off the subject was my little sister! This is from a session I did with her when she was visiting over Christmas time. I couldn’t be prouder of my lil sis, or the… Read more »

Las Vegas Workshop

My journeys into the desert are usually one of solace and being one with nature. This last trip was quite different. I was asked by the Vegas Pictage User Group to speak to them about WordPress and Search Engine Optimization for photographers. WordPress and S.E.O. are a couple topics I’ve been speaking about more and… Read more »

Photographic Humble Pie

I’m feeling a little down this week. I submitted a couple photos in our local PPSDC Print Competition on Tuesday night, and both my images tanked. I guess I’m just a little unsure of what will actually do well, or if my style of photography can ever do well in competition. It’s a little discouraging… Read more »

365 has turned into 52

A month ago I announced that I would be doing a 365 day project. Well, after giving it some thought and looking at my schedule for the year, I’ve decided to bring it to a more do-able project. So instead of everyday, I’ll be posting at least once a week. 365 dropped down top 52…. Read more »